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Medical Research Laboratory LTD has been facilitating the investors and crowd funding the organ transplantation and cultivation services around the world since 2016. The main activity of our company is based on the research and growing of organs for subsequent transplantation to patients from all over the world. We have collaborated with the largest organ transplantation services around the world to gain profits from the money invested in those medical centers. We share the profit earned from the clients among all the investors according to the amount of money invested over different passages of time. Organ cultivation and transplantation service industry is a billion dollars industry and such organizations are in serious need of investment from the large masses of people. There are millions of people waiting for lifesaving organ transplantation around the world and these numbers are expected to multiply in the coming years.


1 Tidal Basin Road, London, United Kingdom, E16 1UP


№ 11449107


Medical Research Laboratory LTD is one of the foremost medical investment companies as we go out of our way to provide organ transplantation that would guarantee you a significant income. We bring an unmatched quality to our platform as we aim to give our client the best client experience.
With the use of modern technologies, we have been able to provide our clients with great opportunities and profit from investing in medicine. We aim to increase the profitability and convenience of your investments by making use the experience of the best doctors in the world. We are also actively involved in connecting and expanding our horizon by attracting new partners and creating value for our teeming clients.
Throughout our work, we have comfortably showed consistent liquidity of commercial transactions. And at this point, we plan to carry out the following:

  • 1

    To hire more staffs

  • 2

    To initiate new investing strategies

  • 3

    To increase returns

  • 4

    To introduce extra financial resources

You can see from the above that we are pressing on in our development and we look forward to promoting Medical Research Laboratory LTD investment company on a continuous basis.

total investors 742
total invested $24884.15
total paid out $7013.76
High income

We offer amazing returns for each and every kind of investment.

Reliable protection

Our website database is encrypted properly and we have proper management system for money.

Registered company

We are registered with the largest organ transplantation centers, tax office and all the concerned authorities.

24-Hours support

Our kind and helping staff is available round the clock to assist you.

107% / after 7 days Basic
  • Min.: 15$
  • Max.: 100$
  • Term of deposit: 7 calendar days
  • Unlimited amount of deposits
  • The deposit is included in payments
  • 7% net profit
  • Make deposit
9% / per business day Business
  • Min.: 50$
  • Max.: 500$
  • Term of deposit: 15 business days
  • Unlimited amount of deposits
  • The deposit is included in payments
  • 35% net profit
  • Make deposit
7.2% / per business day Premium
  • Min.: 100$
  • Max.: 1000$
  • Term of deposit: 25 business days
  • Unlimited amount of deposits
  • The deposit is included in payments
  • 80% net profit
  • Make deposit
3 level affiliate program

Our affiliate program is in three levels where you can earn 5% commission from your first level investors, 2% commission from your second level investors and 1% from your level investors.

5% 2% 1%

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Sep 19, 2018 17:03

The site is translated into Russian!

In connection with the active support of the russian-speaking audience we translated the project...